About me

My name is Mark Gipson and I have lived in Walworth County, Wisconsin for over ten years now.  I have been a gamer all my life, having tried to craft my first wargames at a young age (badly crafted, I might add).  I am 25 years married with three children, one in her 20s, one boy in his late teens and one boy in his mid teens.  My beautiful wife tolerates my gaming and even allows a substantial chunk of our basement to be dedicated as a gaming area.

Currently I (and my youngest son) play a variety of games, including  “Force on Force” and “Tomorrow’s War” (by Ambush Alley Games), Warhammer 40K , Full Thrust (spaceship combat),  “In the Emperor’s Name” (by Forge of War), Battletech (mainly 3025 pre-Clan era) and whatever else strikes our interests.

I am steadily building up various 15mm scale armies to use in Tomorrow’s War.  It is fun and not too expensive.

My wife and my daughter join us for an ongoing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign (2nd Edition rules).  So, we qualify as a gaming family.  Hopefully my kids will continue the tradition with their kids.


7 Responses to About me

  1. Chuck LaPine says:


    Great post.

    If your ever looking for a game look me up. I live a bit north of Milwaukee. Im always on the lookout for new people to game with.

    Im on TMP as well with the handle Chuck05.



  2. Troy says:


    Hello I am interested in historical wargaming and currently looking for people in the area to game with. I am assuming that you are from Walworth, WI but not 100% sure. If you are from that area send me an email.

  3. Chris says:


    I really like your site. I have a question. In your March post, you were taking off Mechwarrior battle armor figures from their bases. Do you use them for your 15mm games? I’ve been wondering for awhile how large they are. They seem pretty inexpensive.


    • Chris,

      Most of the single-unit-on-a-base battle armor figures from Mechwarrior Dark Age and Age of Destruction work pretty well. They fit in almost seamlessly in 15mm scale. Any of the multi-figure bases, well, the figures are too small. They are more in line with 10mm scale.

      Yeah, it is an inexpensive supply of neat-looking minis for combat armored figs for 15mm sci-fi rules. I like!

  4. Wayne says:

    I great site Mark Rocks

  5. defender36c says:

    Just wanted to see what we’re playing this weekend. I’m planning on being there.
    Are we going to playtest your scenario for Legends?

  6. I am planning on playtesting my scenario for, not Legends, but Rock Con. The new Rock Con scenario is my “Doom that came to Elkhorn” scenario – sort of an “alien invasion” thing.

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