And some additional work – a vehicle for the Nirs Empire forces…

Hello again!  We made it to 2012! Happy New Year!

I was worried that it was going to be the end of the world.  My calendar for 2011 ENDED at the end of December!  There was nothing after that.  That just HAD to mean it was the end!  Then my sweet wife came back from grocery shopping and – lo and behold – she had a calendar for 2012!  The world was not ending just because the calendar did.  How silly of me to think that an arbitrary end of a calendar cycle would herald the end of the world…nobody could be that silly.  Could they?

Anyway, my work on miniatures progresses.  I saw an exceptionally cool posting on the 15mm Sci Fi forum of “The Miniatures Page” about using some Matchbox “UFO” models from the late 1990’s as miniatures.  I just had to try it and…one (or two, you know how it goes) E-Bay orders later I had a basic one to work with.  Some super-glueing and repainting left me with this:

Some Nirs Empire infantry backed up by one of their Dropship/Grav Tank/APCs...

The Matchbox UFOs come in a gold and purple scheme – I repainted it but kept the theme gold and purple, which just happened to fit some of the Nirs Marines quite well.  In  the “Tomorrow’s War” rules these would be Tech Level 3 grav vehicles and would mix dropship with tank with APC.  When you get to a certain point with grav vehicles they kind of lost the distinction.  You define them by the role they are currently serving.  The photo above shows it on a stand, acting sort of like a vtol or a grav tank with pop up capability.

Now the vehicle is acting like a grav tank or Infantry Fighting Vehicle

I did do some modification to the Matchbox UFO model.  It had no visible weapons – so I searched through my various bits until I found something I could use for a “main gun”.  What I found were some small space ship minis that I had used as part of a fleet for  “Full Thrust”.  They were perfect!

I used some “green stuff” epoxy to secure magnets to the “main gun” and to the ufo body and there you go: instant turret!  The gun can come off for storage and swivels in the game, just to let the enemy shudder in fear as it points at them!

My workspace is pictured below where I will be painting up 3 more of those beauties!

Nirs grav vehicles under construction

I thought I would share this.  I will have some more cool (well, cool to me) stuff to show soon!  Have a great day!


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