A mixed post – A couple of pictures from a weekend game and some “Work-in-progress” pics

Hello everyone!

I thought I would write up a brief post on what I have been up to.  Let’s see…I woke up at the crack of 4:00 am, neck was a little sore.  Brushed teeth, combed hair (lamenting about its continued thinning) and then…oh, sorry.  😉  You’d probably rather hear about what gaming and miniatures stuff I’ve been doing!

Sunday I went to “Ambush Sunday” at Unique Games and Gifts in Grayslake, Illinois.  The game was, once again, “Tomorrow’s War” by Ambush Alley Games.  The theme was a little different this time: Aliens vs. aliens.  A totally non-human themed scenario.  Cool, actually.

This scenario, which I am only briefly covering, pitted the “hard-to-kill” Crusties (minis by GZG – attributes by “Tomorrow’s War”) against [cue ominous, deep, echoey voice] “Spaaaccce Buuugsss!”  Uh, “Space Bugs”, also called “Spugs” for short.  Okay, they aren’t the official “Rattlehead Games” Spugs models, but they are very buggy, and from space, so…

I don’t know who made the space bug minis.  Check with Beast’s Wargaming Blog; Jim will be happy to tell y’all.  He painted them up VERY nicely though.

The Space Bug force, complete with a Gigantic Vehicle Tank

The Space Bug force was all gathered up in a “Zerg rush” format, strategy right out of “Starcraft”.  Sadly, the poor Crusties, who had already deployed, had set up a great position to fight an opponent who used something resembling normal human tactics.

Beautiful terrain and tactically deployed Crusties

Interlocking fields of fire and defense in-depth don’t do squat against a “Zerg Rush” at one spot.  Now I know how it was to face the Posleen (John Ringo book reference).

A Crustie squad helping guard the cat food factory

The Crusties did not have a good day.  Do these guys look happy? 😉

Seriously though, we experienced what sometimes happens when you put a scenario together on the fly – the Space Bug side ended up way overpowered.  It happens sometimes.  We figured out how to correct the scenario but got sidetracked before we could replay it.  It was still fun and, as always, I still state that every wargame tells a story.  This was the story of a seemingly victorious force of Crusties who drove the humans out of the town and took over the cat food factory only to be overrun by vermin.  Vermin that stood 6 feet tall and wielded plasma rifles!  “We’re gonna need a bigger flyswatter!”

On other topics, I have been working on the cool stuff I purchased from Scott of “Combat Wombat Miniatures” when I met him at the “Recruits” gaming convention in Lee’s Summit, Missouri.


Combat Wombat has occasionally been bringing his collection of “factory seconds”, models that end up sub-standard during the molding process, and selling them at a discounted rate at conventions.  I got lucky enough to stalk him at “Recruits” on Friday night until his booth was open enough for me to start pawing through his “seconds” box.  The pictures below are some of the minis.  I have been working on them, patching a few bubble holes and sanding down some warpage.  Some people pay a premium for minis in worse shape than these.

Some of the minis I purchased from Combat Wombat

Yeah, it’s a mixed bag, but I am trying out several different ideas for forces.

If this is his "substandard" you should see his good stuff...

He would have normally thrown these away as rejects.  Scott has very high quality standards and his customer service is first rate.  He’s also fun to hang out with!

I thought I would show how I magnetized some of the turrets

More pieces.  These with turrets flipped over to show how I magnetized them.  I am silly enough to like having rotating turrets on my tanks so I can point them at the enemy vehicles and say “BANG!”  Magnetizing turrets on epoxy vehicles is dead easy.  A little *careful* drill work, some epoxy or super glue and the right sized neodymium magnets and away you go.

These minis ought to paint up marvelously.  Yes, they took me some more time and work but it was fun.  The “Combat Wombat Miniatures” standard products are gorgeous and quite affordable.  I am saying they are a good deal.

Note:  I am a customer of “Combat Wombat Miniatures”, not an advertiser or payed flunky.  I am saying these good things about him because I am pleased with his product.  I believe that if you buy his stuff you will be pleased too.  As always, your mileage may vary.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have more stuff to write about soon!


4 Responses to A mixed post – A couple of pictures from a weekend game and some “Work-in-progress” pics

  1. The Space Bug infantry is from Highlander Studios, and painted by yours truly, Chief Lackey Rich of Battle Works Studios. Jim’s one of my best ebay customers. 🙂

    Agreed about the excellent quality of Combat Wombat’s stuff, too. I need to stop being so lazy and magnetize the turrets on my next batch of his vehicles.

  2. Come to think of it, those Crusties look kind of familiar too. Did I do those as well?

  3. David Billinghurst says:

    Nice battle report – the bugs are from Highlander Studios and their tank is a Kaamaados Heavy Tank by Critical Mass Games.

    I love Scotty’s resin vehicles and have a number of them, too.

  4. Ignacio says:

    Great photos!
    A question. What´s the name of the company which makes the roads?
    Thanks in advance.

    Pd. I love the “crusty squad”!

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