A little more “Work-in-Progress” that I wanted to share – 15mm stuff

Greetings all!

I am prepping things to run some games of “Tomorrows War” at the “Recruits” gaming convention in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on September 9-11.  It looks like a fun gaming con and it will be my first time there as well as my first time running games at a Con.  http://recruits.mtswebsites.com/index.php

Six "Light Tanks" and Three "Tank Destroyers" by Proxie Models

These are the six “Trencher” tanks by Proxie Models  http://proxiemodels.com/    along with 3 “Stalker” Tank Destroyers, also by Proxie.  They will serve as the “local” forces in the scenario I am going to run.

Close up view of "Light Tank 45"

This is “Light Tank 45”.  These light tanks would be locally made by the colony that is rebelling.  They are made from tractor and mining equipment parts and mount medium-sized heavy guns along with secondary gauss machine guns.  The armor is decent but not what a heavy tank is amored with.

This is "Tank Destroyer A1

This is “Tank Destroyer A1”, also locally made.  It mounts a Heavy Gauss Cannon, slow firing, fixed mount.  Nasty to be hit by.  It doesn’t have the greatest armor, though, and should avoid close, front-line engagement with enemy heavies.  Hull-down “shoot-and-scoot” would be the best tactic.

Tank Destroyers A2 and A3

Tank Destroyers A2 and A3 are pictured here.  They mount short-barreled Heavy Gauss Cannons. They have one less die of firepower than the long barreled gun on A1, but are not “slow-firing”.  The compromise allows them to be used in tighter terrain light heavy forests, cities etc.

Tank Destroyer next to a 15mm Khurasan Corporate Marine, 15mm Scale

Light Tank next to a Khurasan Corporate Marine - 15mm scale

These size comparison pictures show the Tanks and Destroyers next to 15mm scale Khurasan Miniatures Corporate Marines.  They fit in pretty well.

Next I show another way I am repurposing “Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction” figs for 15mm wargaming.  The rules for “Tomorrow’s War” include the use of “combat drones” in concert with infantry.  Some miniature makers have some cool ones on the market but I had some ideas for what I could do with things I already had gathering dust in my basement.

MW:AoD Fenrir Battle Armor repurposed as 15mm scale combat drones

The 4-legged “Fenrir Battle Armor” from Mechwarrior looks like a very good 4-legged “walker” style of combat drone.  This version carries an infantry heavy weapon mount.  To me, it kind of looks like a stockier version of the robot “AMEE” from the movie “Red Planet”.  I will be doing a re-paint and putting proper basing materials on the washer.

MW:AoD Hoverbike Squad modified into a combat "hover drone"

I also decided that the MW:AoD “Hoverbike Squad” made a dandy “hover-drone” if you just clipped off the driver and cleaned up the cut.  I figure it mounts a Squad Automatic Weapon and a Grenade Launcher.  I have to decide where I will mount Rocket-Propelled Grenades on it.  It too will be getting a repaint job and proper base covering.

I have been able to repurpose several different Mechwarrior: Age of Destruction figs for 15mm gaming with Tomorrow’s War.  Here is a sample of what I have done so far.

Various Mechwarrior minis converted along with some 15mm figs for scale

This provides me with a variety of visually striking battlesuits to support my infantry.  Now I will have some drones to go along with them.  If you want to know why I find the quadruped drone so inspiring see the link here:  http://gizmodo.com/368651/new-video-of-bigdog-quadruped-robot-is-so-stunning-its-spooky

We are almost there already.  We just need a silent power source.

Have a good day everyone and I hope to see some of you at “Recruits”.


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