Yes I’m still here – some work in progress…

Greetings all after a long time of not posting.  Life keeps being really busy and not much time for wargaming lately makes for a sad Walworth County Wargamer.  One boy graduated High School, my daughter moved to Texas for a job as a Diesel Technician and general business abounds.

However, I do have some “work-in-progress” pictures of my current miniatures projects to show.  Keep in mind that I qualify for a solid “yeah, whatever” as a painter, but they end up looking okay on the table.  So, here goes:

"Trencher" tanks from Proxie Models

I saw these tanks online advertised as 15mm scale and had to order some to get a look at them.  I was pleased enough with them to immediately order more the same day I got these.  is who makes them.  They resemble WWI contraptions as well as something from a much larger company that makes much bigger minis.  Only resembles, though.  these are original designs that I intend to use as “local-made” light tanks, made on “colonial” planets out of tractor and mining equipment parts.  These fit in pretty well with 15mm scale minis.

Close up of painted "Trencher" tank

They are a breeze to assemble and paint.  I am experimenting with a sort of “digi-cam”.  Not sure how I like it yet.

Tanks with magnetized turrets

Of course I magnetized the turrets.  The steel piece epoxied into the base of the tank body is the clipped-off head of a roofing nail.

15mm minis next to the "Trencher" Tanks

Here are some Khurasan Federal Army minis next to the tanks.  I can picture a single operator in the tank with A.I. assistance.

Comparing the "Trencher" tanks in size with 15mm Old Crow "Hammer's Slammers Tank and Combat Car

Here is another size comparison with some Old Crow “Hammer’s Slammers” vehicles.
Next on my project board are some Khurasan Federal Infantry additions – some heavy weapons teams and some specialists.

Khurasan Federal Infantry units

These will go along with my other Khurasan Federal Infantry squads.  I needed some heavy weapons for them.
I have also been picking up some Rebel Minis modern forces here and there, mainly so I can put together some modern sci-fi battles, based on alien invasions, giant monsters, zombie plagues and the like.

Rebel Minis modern Urban Gangsters

Figuring that nothing will happen in the United States without armed civilians being a part of it I am working on armed civilians.  Still working on the best ways to base them.

Rebel Minis U.S. Police

Who will be the first to show up to deal with the aliens/zombies/giant monsters?  Why your friendly neighborhood local police.  If you live in a small town like I do your mind boggles a bit at how the local police would respond to an alien/zombie/giant monster attack…
Yeah, just started on these HO scale civilians
Of course you have to have panicked unarmed civilians to rescue.  These HO scale civilians are not bad for the role.  Clothing is a little, well, stuffy but some scraping and judicious painting will improve that.

Rebel Minis Modern US Infantry

Of course, you have to have the professionals come in to save the day.  So I have been working on some modern US infantry minis.  These come from Rebel Minis.  I am also still trying to figure out neutral ways to base them.
I also have a bunch of files saved up to print out many papercraft 15mm scale small town buildings.  Ideally I want to simulate the small Wisconsin town I live in.  I figure I can lay out more fun scenarios with better knowledge of “the lay of the land” as it were.
Well, that’s about all for now.  I hope to have some gaming done soon so I can post more After Action Reports.  You all be well and stay safe!

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