Game of “In the Emperor’s Name” featuring Tau in “The curious case of the Crazed Inquisitor”

July 31, 2011
Greetings all!  Time for a slightly different After Action Report.  My son and I have been looking into the rules for a skirmish-level game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.  The game is called “In the Emperor’s Name” and it is created by the Forge of War Development Group, the folks who created FUBAR.  “ItEN” is a fun little set of rules that are still in a rapid development process.  I joined their Yahoo Groups site in order to download and try the rules.  They are free, fun and fast to play.  Not at all affiliated with Games Workshop – though it could spur the sales of more unusual minis…

The game uses 4 stats: Grit, which is your saving throw – Fighting Value, which is for Hand to Hand – Shooting Value, which is for, well, shooting – Speed, which increases reactions and movement.  The balance of character and cost of them is still in some development.  You create a retinue of 4 or more characters that you will take through the combat scenarios.  These can be one-offs or as campaigns (they have some rules for that).  My son Tom and I are going to run a campaign, where we take turns running our respective retinues while the other plays the opposing forces.  I created an Imperial Inquisitional retinue and Tom made a Tau Investigation Force retinue.

In order for us to have shared Tau and Imperial “good guys” I went ahead and invented a new area of 40K space called “The 20 Worlds Compact”.  It consists of 18 star systems on the border between the Imperium and the Tau Empire.  These star systems are jointly controlled by the Imperium and the Tau, based on a treaty set to last for 500 years.  They are 100 years into the treaty.  Under this treaty the two races can share the star systems and even worlds. Trade of raw materials, commodities and foodstuffs is allowed, just no trafficking of technology. there is continual tension between the two races, but they found that in this region it was better to work together than to fight, largely due to constant troubles with Orks, Tyranids, Eldar and Chaos forces in the region.  There seems to always be someone who wants to try to break the peace and bring the region back to war…

Using the random generator Tom got the campaign “The Curious Case of the Crazed Inquisitor”, where his Tau investigation team has to keep a radical Imperial Inquisitor from causing something terrible to happen.

The first scenario, also randomly generated, is an Investigative Mission known as “No Stone Unturned”.  The mission is to investigate 6 buildings in a cluster and search them for clues.  Each clue is worth Victory Points and allows you to accumulate reinforcement points to make your retinue stronger.

Buildings are investigated by having one member of the retinue stand by the door for one turn.  A die is rolled and on a 5 or 6 a clue is found.  On a 1, 2 or 3 then that many members of an opposing retinue appear in cover just out of sight of the investigators.  They attack the next turn.  The real kicker is that you only have 6 turns to do this.  Time pressure makes things interesting.

Table setup at start. The white discs mark the doors for the investigators.

The table layout is about 40 x 40 inches here.  It worked pretty well.

The Tau retinue enters the board on one corner.

I realized that the scenario needed a little tweaking, so I didn’t start the “six-turn-clock” until the Tau retinue actually started checking doors.

The Tau retinue splits to check the first two buildings.

Tom split his unit up in order to start by checking two buildings at a time.  The dice spirits decided that Tom was not only not going to find anything in the buildings, but that he would summon trouble…

A dark figure appears in the shadows on the left side of the building.

An armed thug appears around the corner of the other building.

Tom’s die rolls brought one enemy by each building.  I chose the two tougher individuals that were generated for this “opposing retinue” team – Interrogators belonging to the Radical Inquisitor’s retinue.  Both were armed with melee and ranged weaponry.  The minis are old Necromunda hive gangers.

The two enemy thugs engage the Tau - one with a lasrifle and one with a sword

The two thugs (Renegade Interrogators) leaped out (me having rolled well for initiative) and engaged the Tau.  The one on the left went immediately to melee combat, having moved into base contact with a Tau Fire Warrior.  The other thug ran out to get better aim at the blurry image of the Tau Stealth suit.  Even in the open the Tau Stealth suit gets a “cover save”.

One Radical Interrogator must have skipped some tactics training...

The Tau Stealth Suit and Gun Drones moved away from the building to get a clearer shot.  Hmmm, that is a total of SEVEN guns that are brought to bear on the Radical Interrogator.  Tactically a poor move on his part.

Yup. Bad move...

While one member of the Tau retinue was tied up in melee combat the others blew smoking holes through the Radical Interrogator.

Despite what they say, sometimes bringing a sword to a gunfight works

The other Radical Interrogator (thug) was dogpiled by three Fire Warriors in melee combat.  This was still a net positive for the thug, since melee is not a Fire Warrior’s strong suit.

One Fire Warrior is hit and fails his "Grit" roll, going down...

Taking them on hand-to-hand, well sword-to-gun butt, was a better tactical option.  However…

One sword, two gun butts. Do the math...

One sword and two gun butts equals another Radical Interrogator eating street.

Meanwhile, other buildings were being investigated and other bad guys were coming out of the woodwork.

Investigating the building to the lower left brings out 2 Renegade Stormtroopers, far lower left.

Two more members of the Radical Inquisitor’s gang – Renegade Stormtroopers – show up to give the Tau a taste of Hellguns.

Surprising the Tau, sort of...

Two Stormtroopers armed with Hellguns face off against the Tau leader and a Fire Warrior.  A fairly even fight.

However, some people don't do "Surprise" well...

One Stormtrooper goes down.  The other ends up heading for cover.

The Stealth Suit stirred up 3 Renegade Guardsmen

The Stealth Suit’s investigation of a building stirred up three Renegade Guardsmen.  They moved in for the attack.  They had the initiative and fired away with their lasguns.

A seemingly even exchange of fire.

The exchange of fire leaves on Renegade Guardsman and one Gun Drone down.

Meanwhile the other part of the Tau team finds the first clue while engaging in fire with the Renegade Stormtrooper.

The Tau on the upper left find a clue and succeed in "stunning" the Stormtrooper

One Tau find the first clue while the others successfully hit the Renegade Stormtrooper with a shot.  He rolls his “Grit” roll and exactly meets it, causing him to go down for the turn.  This also made him an easier target the next turn.

Turn 6 ends and the Renegade Guardsmen try and fail to flee

Turn 6 ended with the Renegade Stormtrooper getting finished off and the two remaining Renegade Guardsmen turning and fleeing.  I allowed Tom a “free shot” at them and both Renegade Guardsmen were downed.  I also gave Tom a free roll against the remaining building and he successfully discovered a clue there too.

End of game had Tom with 2 victory points and 10 reinforcement points.  He quickly traded in the 2 Victory Points for an additional 20 reinforcement points and added 2 Kroot warriors to his retinue in order to give himself some better melee combat ability.

We had fun, it only took about an hour to play and we definitely plan to keep playing.

A good link for this game is here:

Also, look for the forgeofwar Yahoo Group.  Good folks there and they love their games and their players.

Thanks and have a good day!


Yes I’m still here – some work in progress…

July 24, 2011
Greetings all after a long time of not posting.  Life keeps being really busy and not much time for wargaming lately makes for a sad Walworth County Wargamer.  One boy graduated High School, my daughter moved to Texas for a job as a Diesel Technician and general business abounds.

However, I do have some “work-in-progress” pictures of my current miniatures projects to show.  Keep in mind that I qualify for a solid “yeah, whatever” as a painter, but they end up looking okay on the table.  So, here goes:

"Trencher" tanks from Proxie Models

I saw these tanks online advertised as 15mm scale and had to order some to get a look at them.  I was pleased enough with them to immediately order more the same day I got these.  is who makes them.  They resemble WWI contraptions as well as something from a much larger company that makes much bigger minis.  Only resembles, though.  these are original designs that I intend to use as “local-made” light tanks, made on “colonial” planets out of tractor and mining equipment parts.  These fit in pretty well with 15mm scale minis.

Close up of painted "Trencher" tank

They are a breeze to assemble and paint.  I am experimenting with a sort of “digi-cam”.  Not sure how I like it yet.

Tanks with magnetized turrets

Of course I magnetized the turrets.  The steel piece epoxied into the base of the tank body is the clipped-off head of a roofing nail.

15mm minis next to the "Trencher" Tanks

Here are some Khurasan Federal Army minis next to the tanks.  I can picture a single operator in the tank with A.I. assistance.

Comparing the "Trencher" tanks in size with 15mm Old Crow "Hammer's Slammers Tank and Combat Car

Here is another size comparison with some Old Crow “Hammer’s Slammers” vehicles.
Next on my project board are some Khurasan Federal Infantry additions – some heavy weapons teams and some specialists.

Khurasan Federal Infantry units

These will go along with my other Khurasan Federal Infantry squads.  I needed some heavy weapons for them.
I have also been picking up some Rebel Minis modern forces here and there, mainly so I can put together some modern sci-fi battles, based on alien invasions, giant monsters, zombie plagues and the like.

Rebel Minis modern Urban Gangsters

Figuring that nothing will happen in the United States without armed civilians being a part of it I am working on armed civilians.  Still working on the best ways to base them.

Rebel Minis U.S. Police

Who will be the first to show up to deal with the aliens/zombies/giant monsters?  Why your friendly neighborhood local police.  If you live in a small town like I do your mind boggles a bit at how the local police would respond to an alien/zombie/giant monster attack…
Yeah, just started on these HO scale civilians
Of course you have to have panicked unarmed civilians to rescue.  These HO scale civilians are not bad for the role.  Clothing is a little, well, stuffy but some scraping and judicious painting will improve that.

Rebel Minis Modern US Infantry

Of course, you have to have the professionals come in to save the day.  So I have been working on some modern US infantry minis.  These come from Rebel Minis.  I am also still trying to figure out neutral ways to base them.
I also have a bunch of files saved up to print out many papercraft 15mm scale small town buildings.  Ideally I want to simulate the small Wisconsin town I live in.  I figure I can lay out more fun scenarios with better knowledge of “the lay of the land” as it were.
Well, that’s about all for now.  I hope to have some gaming done soon so I can post more After Action Reports.  You all be well and stay safe!