Tomorrow’s War AAR – Scenario 2: Last Stand at Red Ridge

Last night my son Thomas and I played a game of “Ambush Alley Games” Tomorrow’s War.  This time I wanted to try a scenario right out of the book, so we went with Scenario 2: Last Stand at Red Ridge.  This put my new minis from Khurasan Miniatures and some re-based Mechwarrior: Dark Age figs to use for the first time.  Way cool!

The scenario recreates (pre-creates?) a botched mission of US Green Berets during the First Interstellar War in 2289.  Six Green Berets in high-tech powered combat armor survive the destruction of their dropship during a mission to destroy a suspected missile platform in the jungles of Brazil.  The Green Berets drop 10 miles (16 kilometers) away from their drop zone.  They land separated and unsupported in the Brazilian forest controlled by “one of Brazil’s elite Home Defense Battalions”.  The Green Berets are directed by their leader to rally on a hill poking out of the forest.  While getting their they are spotted and surrounded by a platoon of the Brazilian soldiers.  With no hope of rescue the Green Berets decide to make a last stand on the hill now known as “Red Ridge”.

US Forces (all in standard power armor, Tech Level 3, Troop Quality/Morale D8/D10:

1 Leader in battlesuit armed with Gauss SAW

1 Gunner in battlesuit armed with Gauss Saw and Shoulder Launched Missile Pack

4 Gunners with Gauss SAW

They are organized in groups of 2.

Brazilian Forces (all in hardened body armor, Tech Level 2, Troop Quality/Morale D8/D10:

3 squads of 9 men, with a Leader and 2 fire teams of 4 men: Leader, SAW, Grenadier and Gunner.

All squads with Gauss Advanced Combat Rifles.

Also the Brazilian forces had a single Tech Level 3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle armed with a Rotary Laser and a Gauss LMG.

The Brazilian forces came in on all four sides of the map, with the vehicle in the North and the three squads coming in on the East, South and West sides.

The forces at the start of Turn 1 - viewed from the South

You can see the three pairs of Green Berets in the central area of the map, located on either side of “Red Ridge” as it came to be known.   Brazilian infantry are on the West, South and East sides with the Brazilian IFV to the North. Yeah, I know it is a substitute for a futuristic vehicle…

The Green Berets had the initiative for turns 1 and 2.  At the start of turn one they could not be seen by the Brazilian infantry due to visibility through forest and jungle.  I used the terrain I had to lay out the map as close to what is given in the scenario as I could.  The boulder field to the Southwest comes from Thomas’ rock collection.

Brazilian forces looking from the East

The Brazilian Squad in the East started in an area designated at heavy jungle.  They had limited movement and couldn’t see squat.  They did know which way to go, though.

Brazilian forces look from the West

The Western Brazilian squad had to make its way through lighter woods along the base of a ridgeline.

The Brazilian IFV comes around the North of the western ridge

The Brazilian IFV coming from the North had a terrifyingly good line of sight of the whole western side of Red Ridge.

The Southern Squad makes its way through the woods

The Brazilian squad moved up from the South.  They took an initial position on the hill in front of them.

It sucks facing something that your bullets just bounce off of...

The IFV interrupted the central pair of Green Berets when they moved into cover on Red Ridge.  The Green Berets, who had no anti-vehicle armament, had to hunker down and take it as the IFV blasted them with lasers.  Luckily nothing hit them.

The first of many rough and nasty exchanges of fire with the South Squad

One of the Brazilian South fireteams interrupted the Eastern pair of Green Berets as they moved onto Red Ridge.  The exchange of fire caused the first Green Beret casualty and some Brazilian casualties as well.  The Brazilian troops were wearing hardened armor (adding 2D to their defense rolls) while the Green Beret’s powered combat armor gave them a 3D adder to their defense rolls along with on-board AI and advanced medical equipment.  The onboard AI enabled them to make casualty checks even if the entire squad was down.  Otherwise this would be a very short scenario…

Eastern Brazilian squad causes Green Beret casualties

The Eastern Brazilian squad moved to the edge of the woods and caused the Green Beret team squad leader and his wingman to take casualties.

Western Brazilian squad tries to take down the big battlesuit

The Western Brazilian squad moved to the edge of the woods and took the missile-armed Green Beret and his wingman under fire.  The missile armed battlesuit was tagged as a dire threat.

The Western Brazilian fireteam appears to be successful

The Western squad caused two casualties in the Green Berets, taking down the big battlesuit and his wingman.  This ended the turn.  Now it was time for medic casualty checks.

The beginning of the next turn had all forces performing casualty checks.  The Green Berets did okay, but their leader took a serious wound and was down, out of combat.  However, the missile-armed Green Beret and his wingman were both back up, one with a light wound.  First thing on their mind was not the squad that just hit them…it was instead the IFV lumbering down from the North.


The missile hit, penetrated the armor and…boom…bye, bye IFV.

The Brazilians become victims of You-Tube...

The Brazilian soldiers attempted to interrupt another pair of Green Berets.  They rolled a “1”.  The Fog of War card that came up was one of those “insult to injury” situations.   Combat video made it on the Net and made the Brazilians look bad.

The Brazilian fire team eats a missile...

The two Green Berets can put out 8D of attack.  Even when they are down 1D that is still a lot of firepower from two men.  They take down an entire fireteam.

A really good dice roll for the Brazilians brings the battlesuits down again

Thomas rolled some phenomenal dice and took down the two power-armored Green Berets again.

The Green Berets roll a 1 but it works out...

Apparently the video feeds of the battle that made it onto the net made the Green Berets look really good.  Yeah, they rolled a “1” on interrupt and got their first “Fog of War” card.  It was a good one for them, though, worth 3 victory points.

This normally ends a game...

The end of this turn finds all the Green Berets down as casualties.  The power armor AI’s were having to work overtime here…

Beginning of Turn 4 - the Western side of the map

The beginning of Turn 4 had the Green Berets making casualty checks.  This time things didn’t go as well.  One KIA and everyone else was lightly wounded, along with the seriously wounded CO.   This left them with 4 effectives.  Two of them were effective enough to take down the fireteam of Brazilians who had just gotten back up from making casualty checks.

View from a shot-up Brazilian fireteam

The Green Berets were hurting but still packed a punch.  The second Brazilian West fireteam was almost taken all the way down.

The Northern Green Beret goes down again

The trouble with punches is that both sides can throw them.  One of the South Brazilian fireteams takes down the standing Green Beret next to the wounded Green Beret CO.

The Brazilians start occupying Red Ridge

With the Green Beret covering fire down, the remaining Brazilian forces on the East and South charge up Red Ridge.  The real “Battle for Red Ridge” is about to commence.

Things are about to get nasty...

The top of the ridge prevents the Green Berets from reacting to the oncoming threat.  Yes, things were about to get nasty…

The beginning of Turn 5

The forces at the beginning of Turn 5.  The Green Beret at the north side who was guarding the wounded CO was a KIA.  Most of the casualties for the Brazilians were okay, with a few KIAs.  The ridge is starting to get crowded.

Getting closer to guys in powered armor with big guns is not always a good idea

The lead Brazilian fireteam crested the hill and immediately took some serious fire.  They failed their morale check and were pinned at the crest of the ridge. A single survivor of a Brazilian West fireteam is taken down.

Stalling the Western advance

The remaining Brazilian West fireteam is taken down.  This wasn’t as helpful as it seems.

The forces on Red Ridge at the start of Turn 6

The start of turn 6 had the remaining Green Berets hunkering down and experiencing a “target-rich environment”.  This is not always a good thing.  The Brazilian forces had the initiative and hit the Green Berets hard.  All three combat effectives became casualties.  The Brazilians then charged them.

The Brazilians succeed in taking Red Ridge

The Brazilian forces crested the ridge and surrounded the downed Green Berets.  The Green Berets then tried to “avoid capture”.

"You'll never take me alive!"

The Green Beret on the north side of the ridge found himself surrounded by Brazilians.  He smiled and pulled the wire detonating all his grenades at once.  The Brazilians took a 3D attack but were unwounded.


Sadly, the 2 Green Berets on the west side of the ridge failed their Troop Quality rolls and were captured by the Brazilians.  Their fates were too gruesome to contemplate.

The game actually went a total of seven turns, since it took an extra turn for troops to capture the Green Beret on the north side of the ridge.  The main victory conditions for the Green Berets were to hold out as long as possible.  The victory conditions for the Brazilians was to capture or kill, preferably capture, the Yankee invaders.

Doing the math and with the additional effects of the Fog of War cards the Green Berets scored 43 victory points.  The Brazilians scored 7 victory points.  This, coupled with the combat footage that made it to the net, gave the “victory”, bitter as it was, to the Green Berets.

We really enjoyed playing a scenario right out of the book.  It was much more balanced than it first seemed.  Powered Combat Armor is a huge force multiplier, but Gauss weapons, which negate 1 defense die, had their own terrible impact.  Good carnage and a lot of fun for both Thomas and me.  Plus, I got to use a bunch of my newly painted forces for the first time.  All in all a great way to spend a Saturday evening!


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