Some “work in progress” pictures of my rebased and repainted “Mechwarrior: Dark Age” miniatures for playing “Tomorrow’s War”

January 9, 2011

Greetings all!

Here are a few pictures of my progress in rebasing (well, “de” basing) Mechwarrior: Dark Age “clix” vehicles and infantry and repainting them into coherent forces.  I have a few more vehicles and a lot more infantry to do.

The Tracked and wheeled vehicles - Green camo scheme

I am setting up two distinct flavors of army – one using tracked and wheeled vehicles and the other using hover (air cushion) vehicles.  The tracked/wheeled vehicles use a green camo scheme and the hover vehicles use a tan/brown camo scheme.

A closer view of the heavy tracked tanks.  In front is a “Behemoth” tank…

Closeup view of the rebased infantry

Re-basing the infantry is a pain.  The pieces are glued into pockets in terrain-shaped features on the clicky-bases.  They are in groups of five, typically.  I have to do some careful knife work to get them off of the bases relatively undamaged.  I am reattaching them to 1 inch squares of polystyrene plastic using “green stuff” and super glue.

Anti-tank guns for the troops

These are the anti-tank guns, towed, that are “infantry” in the MW:Dark Age game.  I also have some missile launchers and such to still work on, as well as various types of “power armor”.

Close view of some of the hover forces

A close view of some of the hover forces – with heavy vehicles closest and small APCs at the top.

Top view of the hover force

I am considering all the hover force main guns to be either lasers or energy cannons according to the “Tomorrow’s War” rules.  They are fun to play with.

I still have more vehicles to work on  and a few on order to balance out the forces.  There are some fun games in future.  Oh, and some cardstock buildings will be done soon, too.  🙂